UNDER CHECK – The under check is the main component of the tartan pattern. This is formed by the larger areas of colour that underlie the over check of the smaller lines and bands. In this case the under check for this tartan is based on Campbell of Breadalbane. The region has had a connection with the M. Campbell & Co. stores based in the Upper Hunter Valley in the towns of Scone, Aberdeen, Rouchel, Muswellbrook, Merriwa and Denman dating back to the late 1800’s.

GREEN – To represent the rich alluvial lands where lucerne abounds supporting the dairy, beef and equine industries.

BLUE – The waters of the Hunter and Goulburn River Valleys, including Lake Glenbawn and Lake Liddell, providing the life blood for all those living in the region. It also represents the waters of the seas and oceans that have bought people with skills, machinery, livestock and supplies to weave new beginnings.

OVER CHECK – The over check breaks up the under check pattern. It is made up of a series of thinner stripes that modify the broader swathes of colour.WHITE – For the milk and cream that flowed throughout the Valley to the Aberdeen Butter Factory, the Muswellbrook Milk Factory and the Singleton Cheese factory.

BLACK – To represent the black coal seams that underlay the Hunter Valley.

PURPLE – To represent the grapes from the vines of the viticultural industry. It also represents the lucerne flowers and the thistle head from the Aberdeen Thistle brand butter.

YELLOW – For the golden cereal and canola crops as well as the golden wool clips produced in the valley.

RED – As a token of the blood shed by the Light Horseman of the Upper Hunter and of their horses in WW1.

The Upper Hunter tartan is available from the Scone Visitors Information Centre – 02 6540 1300, Singleton Visitor Information Centre – 02 6578 7560 or available on the day in the merchandise tent.